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Suan Phung Orchid Garden

Suan Phung Orchid Garden, Thailand

Suan Phung Orchid Garden because of the nature of the place. “Do” is one of Amphoe Suan Phung Orchid Garden was also a place where the breeding and sale of orchids. Was very much a place of Suan Phung Orchid is also a place with a collection of orchid species that is a beautiful variety of species and a variety of colors as well as Wanda Astoria Sandy Beach Wanda ฟgamuei. Many travelers will also be available to purchase as souvenirs back with it Phung Orchid also possible to walk your own orchids and have a hand in this section. The Phung Orchid This was also an orchid garden that won unprecedented popularity as a guarantee. It is also able to walk within the park as well. And this place is still there. “Orchids” variety to choose from. The matter of that, there are a variety of prices. 

It depends on the species, but it’s kind of the price will range from the hundreds to the thousands and thousands ever. And we were also able to pick out the seedlings so that it is bringing to the party itself is available as well. Count as the source there are many orchid collection or may be referred to as full a lot. Because the subject of species here that have championship medal “Phung Orchid” This is also a place that is open to visitors free with it.

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