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Phuket Chino Portuguese

Phuket, Thailand

Chino– Portuguese Architecture Phuket Old Town is made up of residences, shop-houses, and office buildings. These charming Chino- Portuguese colonial style architectures are one of Phuket’s unique identities. They were built during the 18th century when tin mining and foreign trade in Phuket were utmost popular. The shop-houses generally built in rows along the street using bricks and mortar just like European did, with Chinese decorations on doors and windows. There are many distinctive features of these shop-houses. First, they are rectangle shape with narrow entrances. Second, the house has an open space with a well at the center, which is open to the sky for washing purpose. Finally, there is an arcade at the front of each house connecting together along the street; offering shade and shelter to the public. Besides beautiful architectures, Phuket Old Town is the place where you can find classic café and restaurants, interesting art galleys, and hip guesthouses as well.

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