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Pha Tam National Park

Pha Tam National Park, Thailand

Pha Tam National Park covers Khong Jiam, Sri Chiangmai, and Po Sai districts in Ubon Ratchatani. The geography is generally of high plains and hills with some steep cliffs. Pine forests and sandstones of different shapes are decorated with colorful flowers in the rainy season, and with the serene and scenic Khong River, Pha Tam makes a perfect place for photographers.Pha Tam National Park can be comfortably reached and is a beautifully diverse natural attraction. Asphalt roads take you to almost every waterfall in the park and so the whole family can come and relax here.

The most famous tourist spot cannot be anything but Long Roo or Saeng Chan waterfall. It is a magical place famous for its shape and how water runs through a natural stone hole, creating an image similar to a giant ceiling shower. Tourists can also climb up the fall for an extra special view.The best time to visit this waterfall is a little before noon as the sun shines through the hole and a gorgeous sight is created. It is said that on a full moon night, the water is reflected by the moonlight and glows in celestial beauty, and therefore has the name Saeng Chan or moonlight waterfall. The beauty of Pha Tam has drawn both Thai and foreign tourists for many years.

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