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Mor Hin Khao

Mor Hin Khao, Thailand

Mor Hin Khao or known as Stonehenge is located in Chaiyaphum province the area in northeast of Thailand. Mor Hin Khao situated in Phu Lan Kha National Park in Amphur Muang (district), the geographical features on this Phu Lan Kha National Park it’s conserved forest that the area consists of complicated mountains and plateaus approximately 200 to 725 meters above sea level with most of it is cliffs and the park are forest and habitat of many kinds of animal.

Mor Hin Khao is consist of gigantic rock columns, siltstone, white sandstone, mudstone and purple sandstone, These stonehenge are assumed to be over a 1000 million years old and it’s also surrounding of beautiful flowers beside these rocks. There are also other activities available for tourists such as hiking and camping, moreover you can see beautiful views from the top of this national park and other tourist attractions to explore around Phu Laen kha National Park like seeing many beautiful cliffs, cave, waterfall and other viewpoints.

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