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Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang, Thailand

Koh Sichang is a district of the province Chonburi, Thailand. It consists of the island of Ko Sichang and its adjoining islands. Ko Sichang is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 12 km away from the western shore of Si Racha district. King Rama IV, Rama V and Rama VI came to the island for their rest. King Rama V initiated construction of a royal summer palace, named "Phra Chuthathut Palace" after his son who was born on this island. The royal residence was abandoned in 1893 after the French occupied the island during a conflict with Thailand over control of neighboring Laos. In 1900, the palace was torn down and reassembled in Bangkok, where it is now named Vimanmek Palace.

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