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Doi Mon Jam

Doi Mon Jam, Thailand

Doi Mon jam located on Mong Nong Hoi village far away from Chiang-Mai around 40 minutes. In past People call this area ”Kiew Sear” a and later this area become a part of Royal Project and then become a tourist attraction. Mon Jam is cool all year,foggy in the morning. Hight season is October-February.You  can see many mountains  far far away.

Mountain east side is a viewpoint. it’s  a great view point of project area and you can see foggy sea on  the ill and beautiful nature. The way go to the hill is clay you should go by four Wheel drive. Development center area and area of vegetable winter project such as Artichoke,mint herb,Rosemary and fruit such as strawberry, hydroponic  growing without soil, vegetable salad, tomato etc.

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