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Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari, Thailand

Chiang Mai Night Safari is the world's third nocturnal zoo and is a government nature theme park which was built to promote Chiang Mai tourism. Chiang Mai Night Safari was established after Night Safari in Singapore and China Night Safari in Guangzhou. Chiang Mai Night Safari was unofficially opened on November 18, 2005 and it was officially opened on February 6, 2006. Savanna Safari Zone is the exhibit zone mostly for animals whose habitat is in African savanna. This zone includes about 34 species and over 320 animals such as wildebeests, giraffes, white rhinoceroses, zebras etc. Predator Prowl Zone is the carnivorous animal zone which has approximately 27 species and over 200 animals such as tigers, lions, Asiatic black bears, crocodiles etc. Jaguar Trail Zone is a walking trail around the 1.2 km Swan Lake. This zone has over 50 species of 400 smaller animals in an environment of enchanting flower gardens. Animals in this zone include white tigers, jaguars, capybaras, clouded leopards, fishing cats, Brazilian tapirs, squirrel monkeys, miniature horses, crowned cranes etc.

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