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Ban Chiang National Museum

Ban Chiang National Museum, Thailand

Ban Chiang National Museum is an archeological site located in Nong Han district, Udon Thani Province, Thailand. It has been on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1992. Discovered in 1966, the site attracted enormous publicity due to its attractive red painted pottery. Villagers had uncovered some of the pottery in prior years without insight into its age or historical importance. In August 1966 Steve Young, an anthropology and government student at Harvard College, was living in the village conducting interviews for his senior honors thesis. Young, a speaker of Thai, was familiar with the work of William Solheim and his theory of possible ancient origins of civilization in Southeast Asia.

Ban Chiang National Museum is sectioned into two parts, which are antiques (pottery) and anything associated with the ancient culture of Ban Chiang. You can see ancient tools, household items, artefacts, and pottery items, many of which are over 4,000 years old. All artefacts are showcased very beautifully so that visitors can get as much information as possible about the ancient culture.


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